Fenna & Fei

Duet Comb, Ajisai

$24.00 USD

Untangle the right way with Fenna & Fei double sided Duet Combs.

Suitable for all hair types.

Easy storage~ handheld comb
Comes with drawstring velvet bag

Length 11.2cm/4.4in
Width 7.5cm/3inch

Committed to sustainable fashion, Fenna & Fei creates biodegradable and non-petroleum based jewelry and accessories. All of their pieces are made from ethically sourced cellulose acetate from both Italy and Japan. Everything is designed and finished by the founder, in Boise, Idaho.


Acetate was first invented to cut down on ivory production in the mid 1900's. Now we can come back to this cotton based product for its higher quality material (than plastic) and biodegradability. 

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