Tamaki Niime

Tamaki Niime Boss Hand Warmers

$25.00 USD $38.00 USD

It’ shorter than boso SHORT so we named them BOSS.
It will keep your wrists and ankles warm, and can be a small accent to yor outfit.
Fingers are not covered so you can use your smartphone or PC even if you are wearing them.

Tamaki Niime was established in 2006 in Nishiwaki City. Designer Tamaki Niime started the brand searching for a new way to represent the ancient methods of making cotton textiles, otherwise known as Banshu-ori. Home to Japan, Banshu-ori fabrics undergo one continuous process from yarn cultivation to the dyeing process. 

Tamaki’s work is characterized by a technique called saki-zome (pre-dying the thread before weaving), drawing from traditions dating back to 1792. 

In 2012, Niime began growing organic cotton with the goal of sourcing materials with 100% traceability in the future.


I have loved this brand for years but they're a little more difficult to get in the US. In hoping to spark a shared love in you, I will be carrying Tamaki socks and other accessories that fit perfectly within the Megan-Ilene ethos.

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