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Article: And now, with feeling

And now, with feeling

And now, with feeling

If you’ve ever gotten me on my slow fashion, artisan textiles kick, you know I can go on and on. What I don’t expect, is for you to remember what I’ve said. 
And I've wanted to create more of an education platform on the site to back my big mouth up.

Enter, the Textile Glossary!
Here, you can find more information about the processes I use, the artisans I work with and the beautiful materials I get to play with every day.

Artisan clothing is inherently exclusive and not everyone can justify spending $2-300 on a garment. What I hope to do is help you understand how I came to the prices I carry and potentially fall in love with the heritage textiles I use. 

This is just the beginning (next I want to go into construction methods that separate a well-made garment from fast-fashion) but as this is a tool for you, not me, what information would you like to go into next? 

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